Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Sony OLED TVs in the market for Christmas

One of the best things I saw on Gitex 2007 was the Sony OLED Screens. On display was the 11,5" demo screens.

An OLED screen has several benefits over LCD. First of all there is not a backlight shining light through it. Each pixel is its own light source, just like plasma.

Energy consumption is a lot lower as well, and picture quality and colour range is very good compared to LCD displays. That means better, thinner and more lightweight screens.

OLED screens are already available in some phones and car radios etc. But OLED screens are still hard to manufacture in large sizes.

But it might seem like Sony will bring the first products to market in Japan for Christmas this year. The Sony staff claimed that the 11,5" TV and a 27" OLED TV will be first to be released.

No news on when it will hit Europe or USA.

Check the pictures J


startac said...

The question is when will OLED come to computers.

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