Friday, 21 September 2007

Mobile phone manufactures agree on universal cable standard

According to a press release from OMTP (Open Mobile Terminal Platform) they have now agreed to make the micro USB cable the standard for connections to the phone and charging the phone.

Many Phones - ONE charger - PERFECT :-)

Nokia's participating member and driver behind the standard, Markku Verkama says "The OMTP's work to bring consensus for what is such a simple yet significant recommendation will have wide reaching benefit. With the reduction of cables needed for mobile data connectivity, we can further enhance user experiences in our devices while reducing the burden to the environment."

Read the press release here

Thanks good – this will reduce the amount of crap chargers and make other devices follow the lead. An iPod Touch with micro USB charger would be nice.

And now there will really be a market for building micro USB connectors into cars, stereos and other gadgets – if not for fun and charging – then for usability.

Unfortunately Micro USB is not in so many phones yet. (Moto Razr? Only)? I have inserted picture – thanks to Mini USB on the left – Micro USB on the Right. But a bright future we have we have. J

Let's clap our hands! And cheer for micro USB in all our gadgets.

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