Saturday, 8 September 2007

Gitex Pictures HTC Shift WM6

Part 2 of my Gitex Pictures Review

Of course I went to HTC J too see the HTC Shift and get some more pictures for you guys – since you all really wanted more WM6 info.

Well still looks like a very limited version of WM6 – with only mail and calendar.

But today's NEWS UPDATE is – HTC Shift HD will be upgraded from 30GB to 40GB before shipping in Q3.

2. update - read the new complete official specs here: Kaz911 Official HTC Shift Specs

Check the pictures incl. Device info. J Remember you can use the pictures if you credit kaz911 rescue AND provide direct link to this site!!

My latest info says – there will so far be no voice capabilities but it might change due to popular demand. HTC still says WM6 only support 640x480 so still black bars in the side. And as you can deduct from the pictures – no office – only Calendar, E-Mail, SMS, Weather, Contacts and settings. So far missing in my book are WiFi from WM6 without shift being online and Phone and Web Browser? But we can cross our fingers and HOPE it will be included.

And to startac – here you go – fast enough for you? J (got a comment about 3 min. ago...)


startac said...

Yes, much thanks! Will be looking forward to your other reports.

Sergey said...

I have a stupid question.. It's bugging me! Can you type information on WM6 using hardware keyboard or not?

I really-really hope we can hack this baby and install opera, book reader and office. I don't need any other applications in WM6 =)

Anonymous said...

So WM6, 800x400 native resolution, and a spinning hard drive.

"Ya coulda been a contenda!"

Anonymous said...

If they are still planning on shipping this in Q3, how can we expect any new changes between now and then?

I must say the exclusion of Wifi from WM6 is a failure. One of the main purposes of WM6 would be to use Wifi features so that you dont have to boot vista up/drain vista for a quick surf or to get email....

Although maybe ive got my wires crossed because I seem to recall Hugo using Wifi on his version of the shift in WM6 (specifically with the weather updates)

Osiris said...

I note on one of the pics it has 'SMS Service' if this is the case, and as the specs are being reported it seems the device has full cellular functionality they have for some reason locked the feature out.

It may be possible that they could still hit the Q3 shipping date, because all they would have to do is unrestrict the device and make it voice call only through headset or over speakers. Aka Advantage...

Anonymous said...

This info is so disappointing - after seeing Hugo's video preview I was all ready to buy one of these straight out of the gate but with these limitations I will have to think twice. Unless the folks at xda-developers can get a full WM6 ROM working I will not being considering this device.

Anonymous said...

quote: Unless the folks at xda-developers can get a full WM6 ROM working I will not being considering this device. /quote

Just be confident. It is just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...


there's a community started, aimed to circumvent all the locked features of the HTC SHift.

Maybe the community should be called ShiftPhreakers or so.

Anonymous said...

I wish it had the option to use mobile Internet Explorer with Wi-fi on the WM6 side. This would make such a difference because you can browse the web with low power consumption and only need to boot up Windows Vista when really needed. Even if it didn't have the mobile (pocket) IE 6, if it allowed installing other browsers such as Opera mobile to use with Wi-fi in WM6, it would be great!!

James said...

Er.. I don't know how this became 'official' hmm I doubt it. I am basing my assumptions on 2 factors:

1) Kaz 911 suggests female? (Kaz)
2) There are published videos of the shift on expansys using vista:

Sorry I don't believe this for a SECOND HTC Shift without the tectonic shift? I don't think this will be running on WM6 no.

I think the most likely explanation for the pictures is some sort of homebrewing similar to what we see on the xda-developers forum.


Kaz said...

James - how stupid are you?

1. due to i might be a woman - the pictures are not real. Grow up.
2. Okay doctored images.. :-) well lets see who is right when it hit the stands.

But for you information - i'm male - electronics engineer, former PC World Editor and have been in the IT business since 1984.

So in short - there are some stupid people out there - and you are very obviously one of them.