Tuesday, 18 September 2007

HTC Shift Battery Details 7.4v 2700 mAh

Finally I got the details about the current battery.

Had another chance to play with the Shift – and I still like it. It might NOT be the shipping battery – but feast your eyes on it.

Seems like quite efficient machine in my book.

I have cut away the serial number.

In the recent model i played with – the Sync between the "Non WM6 WM6 with HTC Shift Vista Windows Mobile Sync Center seemed to work."

Still no browser though – only messages (email/txt), calendar and weather stuff.

Let us plug in Opera J PLEASE and let it use the full screen.

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Osiris said...

You lucky bugger how the devil are you getting to play with this all the time.

Good news about its efficiency might be hope for the battery. I like hearing the news about WM to Vista Sync. I suspect the end WM portion will be quite capable of the usual WM stuff.

Next time you play with it can you take a few pics. Plenty of video but a distinct lack of in person photos.

Keep the news coming :)