Saturday, 8 September 2007

HTC Shift Official Specs

Just arrived in my inbox...

The final Specs (as HTC Claims them) (c) kaz911 rescue
Remember you found them HERE FIRST :-)

WM6 new pictures - here
Older info and mini review- here

update - yes it is the official specs - got them from HTC today - but nothing is ever final is it?

Processor and Chipset

Intel Stealey 800 Mhz (c) kaz911 rescue
Qualcomm MSM 7200, 400 Mhz


Microsoft Windows Vista Business Edition



Hard disk

1.8" 40GB or 60GB hard disc (60GB option)


207mm (L) x 129 mm (W) x 25 mm (T)


800g with battery


7" 800x480 TFT LCD display with adjustable screen angle and touch sensitive screen.
(c) kaz911 rescue
Supports AERO with 3D flip



(Tri-Band 850, 1900, 2100 Mhz)

HSDPA: Up to 3.6Mbps for download and 384 kbps for upload (c) kaz911 rescue

UMTS: Up to 384kpbs for up- and download

GSM/GPRS/EDGE: Quad-Band 850, 900, 1800, 1900 Mhz (c) kaz911 rescue

(The device will operate on frequencies available from the cellular network)


Slide-out QWERTY keyboard (c) kaz911 rescue

Mouse Control

Left/right mouse buttons and MicroPad

Wireless Connections

(c) kaz911 rescue

Bluetooth 2.0

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g


1 USB 2.0, VGA out, and 3.5 mm stereo audio out with Microphone. (c) kaz911 rescue

Card Slots

USIM/SIM card slot (c) kaz911 rescue

SDIO slot with hot-swap functionality


Fingerprint sensor

Web Camera

Colour CMOS VGA camera for video conferencing


Built-in microphone and dual speakers


2700 mAh rechargeable Lithium Ion polymer battery

Windows Vista operating time: Up to 2 hours

SnapVUE standby time (push e-mail enabled) Up to 53 hours (c) kaz911 rescue

SnapVUE standby time (push e-mail disabled) Up to 11 days.


Anonymous said...

only 800x480 on 7" LCD? :(

I would expected a little more, afterall isn't that the same rez that iPhone runs on its tiny screen?

ChrisK said...

Sad to say its CommMgr looks a little sparse. No PhonePad yet? No MS Office suite? No telling if Pocket PowerPoint will do slideshows to VGA out and to perhaps a higher resolution than its LCD?

Chippy said...

UP TO 2 hours? Thats a shock.

Are these really official specs? Source?

Good job on the reporting BTW.


Kaz said...

Hmm yes LCD is a bit low.

chrisk - No MS Office - so no powerpoint and no phonepad...

Chippy 2 hours - not a lot no- and specs are OFFICIAL from HTC digital print brochure. :-) and thanks for the praise.

Osiris said...

It was only two weeks ago I changed my opinion of the shift and was quite looking forward to it. Now it seems they have taken the cheap was out on WM6 what the hell is that? (although i have hope a full cooked rom could be installed)

screen resolution is not a surprise, HTC just dont seem to think reasolution or VGA, for most of their devices is even necessary, despite the market changing around them with its inclusion, as long as it can scale up its fine.

But the biggest dissapointment is the 2hr Vista. How the devil can I replace my laptop with 2hrs of the OS.

Chippy said...


Looking into the batter specs i'm guessing its a 7.2v power pack. Do you recall seeing the voltage?

If its 7.2v then I guess we can say that the HTC Shift is efficient but just doesn't hav the batery capacity. A bit like the U1010 which has the 20w/hr battery and returns 2hrs life. (Q1 Ultra = 30W/hr battery)


Kaz said...

I'll check out the voltage today on Gitex.

I'm hoping to get Interview with HTC CEO :-)



jkOTR said...

Nice wonk! I still find it bizarre that HTC is still not mentioning the WM OS in the specs. I wonder if we will first see a version without this unique feature.

Frank said...

I've already placed my order through Dynamism, and I'll probably keep it. But, I was enthusiastically hoping it would be a more capable machine than the one described here. I thought it was going to be a 1.2GHz processor, have decent screen resolution and battery capacity for at least 3 hrs of Vista. I know things can change, but at this point I am a bit underwhelmed by the specs listed. :(

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone want a screen resolution so high that you can't read the darn thing?

For the size of the screen, the resolution is perfect. Use a virtual screen if you need more - the scrolling should be plenty fast. I have an OQO, and I would never swap it for the Sony. I want to actually be able to read the text on the screen!

Anonymous said...

No one has mentioned the keyboard. It is supposed to touch type, but with 14 keys across, it will not work. The Jornada 7XX series has 13 keys across max within the same width and only about half the adult population can touch type with it. It's left-to-right key width that matters most for touch typing. One more key, left to right, is likely to be fatal.

YKL said...

To "anonymous" who thinks that the iPhone screen is the same. NOT! The iPhone screen is 320x480, or 2.5X less pixels.

800x480 is WVGA (widescreen VGA). For a 7" screen, it's pretty good. My Nokia N800 has a 4.3" WVGA screen - the 4.3" is a little small to fully exploit the WVGA resolution.

Osiris said...

Im inclined to agree with the above anon comment. I think devices like the Q1 Ultra which have a 1024 res have blinded some ppl to the other advantages of the shift.

The HTC advantage has a 5" screen running 640x480, any higher than that and you would need a magnifying glass to use your device.

The shift screen is only 2" bigger and an 800x480 res. I think it wll be just fine for most people, just not ppl who keep demanding this ultimate mobile device whilst expecting reasonable price.

Despite the brouchure im hoping its another type or thats 2hrs of hardocore usage with everything on.

Anonymous said...

How can this thing run such a terrible OS efficiently on a sub-1 GHz processor?

Anonymous said...

What kind of RAM does it use? Can it be upgraded to 2GB?

I belive with the keyboard and the ablity to upgrade to 2GB will make up for the short Battery life.

I have played with the Samsung Q1 and the Q1U. I have to say I like the 800x480 better then the 1024x600.

800x480 better for finger input.

Anonymous said...

The screen resolution is totally par for this market. Origami? OQO? All run that resolution, if not screen size. One of the drawbacks is the touch screen; you get moire patterns on higher resolution panels (you get them on the lower ones, too, but the effect isn't so detrimental). The FlipStart's 220dpi display is fantastic, but has no touchscreen for example.

The ability to "shift" between WM6/phone and Vista is brilliant in theory, I hope to see it in practice soon. The Advantage is slower than the 624MHz CPU suggests and I wouldn't be surprised if the 400MHz Shift "WM" mode is quicker. I wonder how RAM/ROM sharing is arranged, how data is organised - can Vista and WM6 share the HD, for example. If so, then you could store video and use applications like CorePlayer to play it back with a better battery life (I expect some of the Vista hit is down to HD access, though).

If this will run MS Voice Command 1.6 too, then it'll be the ultimate do-everything device. People will always complain about something; the spec isn't terrible for the class of system being offered. You could get an 800MHz Stealy-based UMPC and a 400MHz WM6 smartphone for the same cash or less, though - so hopefully there will be some movement in price as the system is established.