Thursday, 24 June 2010

Sony Ericsson X10 rooted

Seems like some of the good guys on XDA (jerpelea, Bin4ryDigit and biktor_gj) have rooted the Sony Ericsson X10. Check a picture here. How it was done is not quite clear yet. But I think it has been the hardest root of any Android until now. But it gives the owners of X10 devices the possibility to “upgrade” early to Android 2.x – probably long time before Sony Ericsson can deliver.Sony Ericsson X10 rooted

The X10 is a great phone – with a great screen and lightweight. I guess with Android Froyo it can get some of the market share it deserves. But Sony Ericsson development is kind of slow. Maybe if Sony Ericsson did not spend as much time trying to secure the operating system – the delivery of Android 2.x would speed up. But well - the guys nailed it.

A lot of the critique has been focused around NOT being able to stop some of the factory selected Applications from running. So you will see things like Moxier Mail and Sony Ericsson Timescape “taking” up working memory on the phone – even if you don't want or need them.

So a true root will be a welcome addition to the Sony Ericsson X10.

Join the discussions on XDA Developer here and follow progress while they “cook” the next ROM/Firmware in their bit-kitchens. We are ready to taste any output.

Monday, 21 June 2010

iPhone OS4 or iOS 4 is ready for download


iPhone_4_MultitaskingSeems like iPhone OS4 -iOS4 is ready for the general public. So tune in to iTunes 9.2  and start downloading.

And lets see if Apples servers can take the pressure. My iPhone 3GS is updating as we speak.

I look forward to trying new e-mail and multitasking

Update:Seems like servers are not the fastest in the world. So for 50% downloaded. Some 370mb and 185 done. But I’m in the Middle East…