Tuesday, 18 September 2007

iPod Phone in UK Nov. 9th

Damn – it will be out in the UK on the 9th of November according to Engadget.

But who in EU is bonkers enough to buy a £279,- phone PLUS data package? For use on the EDGE network only? Apple - Europe is 3G now – remember?

Despite free "unlimited" UK Wi-Fi Roaming with TheCloud (or included in the price) and with maximum of 1500 page views pr. Day.... – again hmm..

Mum is the word – and the word from my mum is "Get lost and make a decent phone with 3G"

And my comment – it is not even on my wish list. Get it a keyboard and 3G and 16GB and we talk.... Then at least it would be an upgade to my E90 or HTC Advantage X7500

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