Saturday, 8 September 2007

Gitex 2007 Picture Show – i-Mate Ultimate 6150

Hi Guys,

Just returned from day 1 of Gitex J and thought I'd get you the pictures ASAP. Please notice all pictures are (C) of Kaz911 Rescue and you can use them on your own website – AS LONG AS YOU PROVIDE DIRECT LINK to, and credits for the pictures. No other strings attached. But it must be direct link – no redir statements or any tiny URLs etc.

i-Mate Ultimate 6150 pictures

I had a chance to play around for a bit with the i-Mate Ultimate 6150 J Seems nice and sturdy – but a bit slow for a high speed device. But that might just be either that it is a late prototype software or due to all the Arabic software installed on the unit. Would i buy it? No – the lack of real dialling keyboard is a deal breaker for me. But the screen looks nice (640 x 480).

End of part 1 J Ultimate 8150 and Garmin Nüvi 700 + HTC Shift Windows Mobile + Sony OLED TV pictures coming.

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startac said...

Thanks for the iMate photos but you know everyone is holding their breaths for the news on the Shift, particularly in regard to revelations about WM6/voice and screen resolution. Your Shift coverage will be all over the blogosphere!