Wednesday, 13 August 2008

S60 VPN IPSec Client from NCP

As you can see we have another VPN client. But still an IPSec client. I would really like a PPTP client. How they will compete with Nokias own VPN client I dont know – but I guess I have to review them both. I just wish Nokia would release their Cisco Pix documentation

—from the press release—

NCP engineering GmbH, a leading provider of endpoint security and VPN solutions, today announced the release of its Secure Entry Client for Symbian OS-based mobile devices.

The new IPSec VPN client can be used on mobile devices such as the Nokia Eseries, which run Symbian OS from V.9.0 on S60 3rd Edition.

[Lots of pr text cut out here]

NCP also offers a Secure Enterprise Client for Symbian, which was released in April 2008 and provides centrally-administered, endpoint policy enforcement.

A 30-day trial version offering unrestricted use of the entry product is available for download at: The software can be purchased via NCP’s e-store and from the company’s sales partners.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Nokia specific to their gateway? Looks like this NCP one is universal. Vendor lock = a mess and creates problems down the line. Thoughts?

Kaz said...

no nokia should work with a range of IPSec servers as long as you can "convert" nokia speak to generic IPSec speak. :-)

Anonymous said...

To answer the article comment "I would really like a PPTP client."

Since quite a long time ago, I do have the beta version of PPTP VPN on my Nokia N95, it is s60 3rd phone. This software is created by ... . Well, lets put it this way - not surprisingly, Nokia have nothing to do at all with a creation of this software. This software could be considered by many as a mandatory for any modern s60 phones. However, Nokia did it again, I mean did nothing at all. On the other hand or shell I say on the brighter note, may be that is exactly why on the question "How does it work?" my answer would be: "It works great, that's it, no hassles with policies and so on, simple and efficient as any PPTP client should be".

Why is it not available for public? - Right now I am getting some kind of impression that the same Nokia who should be the one who had to create such a software a long time ago, the same Nokia right now is doing everything possible to prevent this software from hitting the market. Why are they doing that? Are they so short-sighted and can not see the benefits for their own Nokia phones? Are they having a hidden agenda and playing a dirty games? Are they jealous that it is not them who have created it and now are looking for chance to filch it? I don't know the answers, ask Nokia!