Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Archos 5 – Archos 7 – Archos 5g

Archos have updated their website with the new models! Archos now calls the players for Internet Media Tablets :-)

But a bit more below. More to come

Archos 5archos 5 picture

60 GB to 250GB hard drive with 5” screen (800 x480), for Internet, Media and TV and of course WiFi with Opera Browser with Flash Video 9. And YES – it can charge via USB port! Finally!

More specs here

Archos 7archos 7 picture

160 or 320 GB hard drive with 7” screen (800x480), for Internet, Media and TV. Wifi and free Opera browser with Flash Video 9. Does not seem to charge via USB :-(

More specs here

Archos 5garchos 5g picture

30GB hard drive, 5” screen (800x480)  – WiFi and 3.5G HDSPA network interface. Free Opera browser with Flash Video 9. Specs not completely published – but I hope it can charge via USB.

More specs here

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