Thursday, 24 July 2008

Belkin N1 Vision still sucks

Check the comments page on the Belking N1 –

As you can see complaints keep comming in – and despite a recent firmware update - the problem is still there (I fished the N1 out of the garbage to try again with the new firmware) But still no change - and setting display to power save does not help. It still drops connection and packets all the time, resulting in broken streams, broken skype calls, broken VPN connections etc. etc.

As you can clearly see - everyone have problems and it is a design fault with the Belkin N1 Vision. Belkin should do the right thing and offer every buyer their money back or a replacement router without the problem.

I think there are enough out there now with problems – and many of them do not know it is the N1 Visions fault.

So keep the comments comming on the really poor quality hardware from Belkin!

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Cat said...


I do not have the Vision router but the normal Belkin N1 Modem / Router and I'm having the same problem, so I guess it's NOT related to the temp of the screen!

the range sucks too when I compare it with my Linksys WAG325N