Friday, 24 October 2008

A travellers dream

I went to Gitex in Dubai again this year, and failed to spot anything interesting. Not even the SonyEricsson X1 could get my heart to beat any faster. Keyboard is not very good so not for me, and it was SOOO sluggish.

But I spotted a small Taiwan made device from CNet Technologies (no not that Cnet) and got one from them.CWR-635M-72 That is the CWR-635M – and it was a rare gem to find.

It is a micro sized router – with WAN in, 1 Ethernet out, Wireless B/G router and 2 x USB for 3.5G modem and other USB devices. The power supply is built in and weight totally is 185 grams.

So with WAN in you can connect it at the hotel and have your own wireless AP in the room.

With 3.5G USB modem plugged in – you got Wireless wherever you got a power plug and 3.5g coverage.

Configuration took 2 minutes and then I was connected to my 3.5G network.

The USB connectors can be used for WebCam, printer sharing, or as USB storage sharing via built in Samba or FTP plus of course the 3.5G USB modem.

So you can just plug in your USB key and give people file access on the go.

It even got external switch – so you can switch between Access Point, Client or Router mode – simply by a switch.

This devices is now embedded into my backpack ;-)

Don’t expect long B/G coverage distance since it has no external antennas. But for most “one the move” needs the signal is more than adequate.

I just wish they made a version that could run on my Voltaic Solar Cell backpack 5v battery for 100% “no wires needed” travel – and one that could auto switch between 3.5G USB interface and WAN via Ethernet. Then it would be perfect.

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