Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Special offer - 3G data - $6.500/hour

It can be expensive to surf away from your normal network provider. The Swede – Kristoffer Sandberg got a bit of a surprise when he received a bill for Mobile Data Roaming for SEK 40.000 (About US$ 6500)

In Sweden Kristoffer pays SEK 99 ($15) pr. month for unlimited data on his 3G subscription with Mobile Operator 3. But on a trip to Norway Kristoffer surfed on YouTube for about one hour on Telenords 3G network via the roaming agreement with 3.

One hour use – resulted the bill of $6.500.

So now telecoms critics in Scandinavia are scratching their heads – since why should something that costs SEK 99 for one whole month – cost $6.500 just because you are on a “roaming” network.

Well we can just hope this leads to lower roaming charges across the world. But pour Kristoffer….

Story from IDG Norway (in Norwegian)

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