Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Now SSD available with Lenovo T-, X, and X series Tablet

First we had the X300 with SSD drive – now Lenovo is offering the same SSD drive for a few more laptops – including my favorite at the moment - the X61t (Tablet)Lenovo SDD vs Magnetic harddrive comparison

Yes – I can´t live without my tablet and OneNote – and now with an SSD option I might upgrade before the X200 tablet or X300 tablet comes out – or what ever the name will be.

The SSD drive option of 64GB adds another US$1030 to a standard X61 Tablet (in exchange for the 80GB 5400 RPM option)

The SSD drive should hopefully give you a bit more HD speed and battery juice. But some SSD implementations are not the best (like OQO that wont play HD movies from SSD drives)

But since Lenovo usually delivers – I’m hoping for the best. (Yes I'm colored – but have had about 10 different tablets so far - and my X61t is clearly the best of the bunch so far)

But unfortunately it seems like it is not available in the high res screen option. Another thing I can’t live without….

So Dear Lenovo – I want 4:3 1400x1050 screen for with your next tablet edition – AND SSD drive - and a screen that does not smudge so much… and :-) :-)

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