Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Nokia E90 Review – Longtime opinions

Now I have used my Nokia E90 for a long time (for me more than 2 months with a Phone is a very long time)

So despite the E90's shortcomings in many fields – it is a great phone. I bought my first E90 in Dubai – with Arabic keyboard –but went back to Denmark and bought another one – just to get a keyboard with fewer items on each key. (With Arabic keyboard you have both English and Arabic signs on each button – and makes it quite a lot harder to use in the Dark with Backlight)

So why is it still my primary phone?

Well here are the "long time pros and cons"

I love the E90 because:

  1. The full keyboard
  2. The internal screen is absolutely great
  3. RoadSync for Exchange Sync (despite its shortcomings)
  4. I can use SlingPlayer (again – despite SlingPlayers shortcomings on the E90)
  5. WiFi works most of the time (except for a few WPA2 issues)
  6. I can use Voice over IP without extra software

I hate the E90's shortcomings though. Here are a few

  1. The browser keeps breaking down. (Try to do a search from iGoogle….) –
  2. JavaScript is not 100% Google compatible (iGoogle that is)
  3. The WiFi range is very poor compared to HTC phones (Not too funny when using VoIP…)
  4. WiFi is not always WPA2 compatible
  5. The detection of the E90 is in Open mode or Shut mode – is NEVER right – giving you the wrong keys on your keyboard in Open mode. Really a bummer when entering Passwords. Then you need to close your phone – and open it again – and then find your way back to the web browser or email you was about to write
  6. The Internet Connection system. Internet is not "On or Off" – no each application has its own opinion on how to control and use your internet. Some applications are hard-coded to a profile (like RoadSync or SlingPlayer) – other applications can't co-use the internet if something else is using the internet. ("Internet Connection is in Use… Please disconnect and …")
  7. Where is the VPN? It is a Business Phone for crying out loud. Even the iPhone got PPTP VPN from v1….
  8. No firmware updates in 5 months to correct even the obvious bugs in the phone. (I know we are dinosaurs for using the E90… but come on…)
  9. Yes my phone is wobbly when placed on a flat surface.. (Made in China..)
  10. Yes my phone gets finger print markings on the screen from touching the keyboard


Someone in Nokia Management should be FORCED to use the E90 for 3 months… Then the bugs would certainly be fixed.

But I hope future firmware will solve the issues – and Nokia once again will be seen as a company that takes their business customers seriously. But I think Nokia is far too busy to fix the "iPhone" problem – to spend so much time on the E90.

But despite the cons list being twice the length of the pros's.. I still love my E90. The only thing that might change that… Is the Xperia X1 from Sony Ericsson or a 3G iPhone with Exchange Sync and a usable keyboard/keypad.


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