Wednesday, 22 August 2007

VPN for Symbian – astounding figures!

I know there is a need for S60v3 and Symbian VPN. I just did at statistics run on my search engine referrals.

35% of you come here to find out about some kind of VPN solution for Symbian devices – and we are not talking small figures.

Now which supplier will come out with a solution to give the users Symbian Based VPN?

Nokia WAKE UP!

anthavpn WAKE UP! Get Movian VPN out in a E90 supported Configuration!

Stop sleeping there is a gigantic need for VPN for Symbian Devices!


malaeum said...

Thats how I found this page.... Sadly it leads me to believe I won't find what I am looking for. I had read about VPN on the N95 in the past and how it was there but a PITA to get even close to working.

Guess I'll dig around a bit more.

Anonymous said...

SymVPN - PPTP VPN client for S60 3rd is available at

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this page!
SymVPN is working nicely on my E61!

Anonymous said...

SymVPN only supports PPTP which is has crappy security. Any IPSec VPN clients around for S60v3?

Anonymous said...

i'm using SymVPN on Nokia N97. stable, fast and secure.

Anonymous said...

Using SymVPN on daily basis. Used to be on N95, now on N97. Simple, stable, reliable, super fast.
PPTP VPN is just great for majority of situations on mobile phone. I am using VoIP over this PPTP VPN connection as well.
There is no way IPSec VPN can handle this task. About security, SymVPN is simply not supporting old and non-secure protocols, period.