Wednesday, 22 August 2007

12 new phones from i-Mate

The Very Quiet i-Mate company has confirmed they will be launching 12 new Windows mobile phones soon in 3 different product ranges.

After the break-up with HTC in November, i-Mate and owner Jim Morrison has been very quiet, and i-Mate posted its first loss since operations started in 2001.

But now, just before Gitex the Middle East IT Exhibition opens, i-Mate starts talking.

All the phones will feature Windows Mobile software, but of course no longer manufactured by HTC – but from a range of manufactures. So the new phone ranges will be:

The low end versions with a price point of about US$ 350 – small and lightweight. Two new models will hit the market within the next 6 months.

I-Mate Urban
The Mid-Range I-Mate Urban range will be introduced within the next couple of months. Expect about 4 different models priced at about $550.

I-Mate Ultimate

The Ultimate Range of phones – already well know in the market. 6 different phones with almost same specs – only screen, format and keyboards are different on each model. High end phones with a price tag of about $950.

It is confirmed that the Ultimate 6150, Ultimate 8150 and the Urban 201 will be on show at Gitex. More information as it flows in. I will of course participate in Gitex and give you updated information plus hopefully great pictures.

All above is from the mouth of Jack Craine – i-Mates new global sales director. J

Welcome to a turbulent market Jack!

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