Saturday, 4 August 2007

I got a Nokia E90 and I like it

The Nokia E90 buglist and missing features

Last update: August 15th. 2007

I just got the Nokia E90. It comes in Communicator package, but runs Symbian S60 and not the S80 the other communicators use. So basically a N95 with better and bigger hardware. I'm a user J and have been for a long time. And the My-Symbian forum got a lot of Info on Symbian based phones, including the E90.

So I have been cruising the forum to check for known bugs and other stuff. And while i like the forum, the "Official Bug Thread" is getting crowded – so I though... What about a compiled list of issues with the E90. The Bug Quick Reference guide...

So let's try.. I have split it into hardware and software – most bug's courtesy of the S60 E90 forum users on The bugs are only reported in the list if confirmed multiple times or I have seen them myself.

Nokia E90 Hardware

  • Internal keyboard might touch the inner screen, leaving "marks" on the screen. Mostly finger grease is transferred but potentially will scratch phone. There are reports of a slightly newer model with better spacing.
  • The bottom corner "protectors" are not the same height, making the phone a bit wobbly when used on a flat surface
  • It is not possible to charge the Phone via the USB connector L

Nokia E90 Software/Firmware fixable

  • GPS is very slow to acquire satellite fix. As slow as on Nokia N95. New N95 firmware got A-GPS (Assisted GPS, where you download the Satellites position map/almanac via the internet, and don't have to wait for the phone to "download" the data from the slow GPS data stream.) Some N95 users are reporting satellite fix within 15-45 seconds. On my E90 it takes 4-10 minutes in clear sky.
  • Navigation Application License looses activation when flashing firmware. This is a big problem since Nokia only allow 2 activations. If you need more than 2 activations it takes forever with Nokia Support. (Took me 4 weeks..)
  • Battery Meter – shows from one to seven bars of power. Sometimes the Battery meter seem to get stuck –and a "turn off/turn on" will set the Battery meter significantly different than before the reboot.
  • 3G network failure when using Data Connections. "Gateway failure"
  • Taking pictures in Scene modes applies HIGH sharpening to picture, giving them an un-natural look.
  • Internal Applications does not seem to agree on which button should be "Exit" Some uses lower Softkey – others uses top softkey+menu selection. Flaky design.
  • Wireless connection when connecting to Netgear 854T with WPA2 – requires usually 2 connection attempts before connection. Connection stays fine when finally connected.
  • Bluetooth connection to Sony Ericsson HBH-970 Stereo headset is "flaky" – especially when coming out of "connection sleeping"
  • External Wireless Keyboard mapping is not perfect... Some keys are repeated even on the Nokia SU-8
  • Some applications do not recognize the ctrl-c (copy) / ctrl-v (paste) (QuickOffice. New version of QuickOffice 4.5 can do cut/copy/paste)
  • Sometimes Internal keyboard messes up. This seems to be because the phone still think it is "closed" so fx. number keys takes the properties of the front keyboard. (Press 2 for a/b/c - press 3 for d/e/f). Closing the phone and opening it again will fix it. (Updated August 5.)
  • Spontanus Reboot after a call. (Updated August 15th)
  • FM kind of loud hiss on GSM phone calls from time to time. (Updated August 15th)
  • Built in browser does not correctly reconize Anchor tags (#) in URLs (Updated August 19th)
  • Buildt in Browser JavaScript is not compatible with iGoogle - the personalised Google pages. Some keeps showing "Loading" after page is complete. (Updated August 19th)

Nokia E90 Missing Features from older communicators

  • Scheduled SMS
  • Fax capability
  • Recorder goes on Pause when going to another application (Bug or feature)
  • People complain about lack of speed – fx. when switching to contacts menu compared to old communicators.
  • Calculator - 3 digit spacing (eg. when entering number then 1000 becomes 1.000) (updated August 6. thanks to Anonymous )

Nokia E90 3rd party application Bugs

  • TOMTOM 6 Navigation does not recognise built in GPS

But despite the above bugs – I still like – a lot more than the N95 anyway. But I'll report back later with my views of the phone and the software. Follow the thread on my-symbian for more info on the bugs.


Anonymous said...

Forgot to add the 3 digit spacing feature for the calculator is missing from E90. It was available on 9300/9500.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the total lack of "All Day" Appointments in the Calendar. I'd love to throttle the idiot at Nokia responsible for that.

Anonymous said...

I really miss the flexibility and the expansiveness of the Log Application from the older Commies -- never been able to see "All" logs for the 30 days .. always limits to 20 called/received/missed calls irrespective of the settings. Hope nokia ports the old Logging Application to the E90

Anonymous said...

Okay. Facts:

3G does not support faxing so Nokia left it out. Also Bitween the original fax software developer will not develop for S60. The E90 (supposedly) has no fax capable modem (G3 compliant) so still no fax.

Fax for the most part is dead. Digital Senders are the new fax.

Anonymous said...

In the contact book there is no search for company field, just firstname lastname. You need to use the generic search tool in the office folder and that is really slow. Nokia please improve!

Anonymous said...

In the contact book there is no search for company field, just firstname lastname. You need to use the generic search tool in the office folder and that is really slow. Nokia please improve!

Anonymous said...

The JVM (Java) or its implementation seems to have the same issue as the E61i that Nokia don't seem to care about, namely that writing to the Recordstore is KILLER slow -in fact it timed out at 2 minutes. This is not true with other Nokias, like the E50 but Nokia don't seem to care and don't get it either. Maybe they'll be the Schlitz of cellphone manufacturers -from 900m units to zero in just a few years. A pity - if I were a Finn I'd be screaming blue murder!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy my e90 but pleeeeeese i have over a 1000 contacts i cant remember everyones names, the contact search facility needs to include companies, to go out and search in a diff folder requires i have to stop the car.Potential hazard

Anonymous said...

e90 How do you set the calander alarm to default on? Is there any move to include companies in the contact search facility, this is extremley frustrating.

Anonymous said...

This new communicator E90 is not capable to do synchronize to email server using pc suite. Not like 9500/9300 series.

Even cheaper Sony Ericsson P Series are able to do that.

You need to use 3rd party application such as Mail for Exchange but it only can synchronize to Exchange server only. synchronize with Lotus Notes for email is not possible.

So sad by having this bug for E90.

Vince Smith said...

In Contacts you can no longer manually enter a number and have an option to dial it. You have to use the cover phone if it is not in Contacts.