Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Put ICE in your Phone

The Rescue Services in co-operation with the Medical Emergency services in Copenhagen Denmark has a big problem – and a great and quick solution.

When people come in to be treated, sometimes is can be hard to find information about relatives and next of kin – for example who do you contact in case of emergency? Well we should all carry a “contact card” on us – but most of us have a wallet full of stuff anyway.

But the Rescue Services and Medical Emergency services in Copenhagen have a great idea – and a simple solution.

Since most people today have Mobile Phones – they suggest that we all put the phone number of our “In Case of Emergency” contacts into the mobile, so the Rescue Personal can look it up quickly if needed.

But write them down so contact name is ICE (In Case of Emergency) – and if you have multiple contacts – then ICE1 – ICE2 – ICE3 etc.

I think it is a great idea and very simple.

Of course it only works if the phone is not locked with a pin-code. But maybe if we show the mobile phone manufactures that it can work and people do it – then they might make it a “std” feature in the phones someday – so ANYONE can look up or call an “ICE number” on a mobile.

Pass it on!

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Great to see you taking action so fast.

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