Sunday, 20 May 2007

Nokia N95 arbitrary – RIP

It is with sadness in my trembling voice I’m sending my N95 to the eternal gadget heaven. I have decided to give it its last power charge, and now let it use its last charge on a spare SIM card while I empty its brain for usable information.

The N95 came with a desire to be the phone / pda of choice, a genetically modified species, supposed to surpass every other mobile handset in the world. Unfortunately the built in features was not fully tested before reaching the market. And some of the features supposed to be “cutting edge” were a dull as a 10 year old paperknife.

Yes – it was light weight, yes it had a built in GPS, but running time was very low, and a lot of features in the phone made it break down – so it had to be restarted again and again. Something I previously only associated with software coming from Redmond....

The Navigation was ok. But the license system lacked a lot. The last 4 weeks after a firmware upgrade, the N95 could not agree with license service that it could get permission to guide me from place to place. The Gen therapists at Nokia have not been able to solve the problem yet.

Dear N95, I will miss the features your designers said you had – but I never found.

Rest In Peace….

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