Sunday, 29 June 2008

Witopia now offers PPTP

You remember I bashed Witopia a while ago due to its usage of the Witopia offers PPTPWindows OpenVPN client and their stupid refereres trying to cash in on my page rank for VPN. Well now Witopia VPN has launched a PPTP service, which will offer easier integration than the old OpenVPN stuff.

OpenVPN got lots of problems on Microsoft Platforms - and have given me plenty of headackes. But with PPTP you get little less safe VPN than with open vpn – but no hassels on Windows or iPhone VPN.

Head over to Witopia and sign up. And I’m NOT affiliated with them in any way! Performance have never been an issue on Witopia - so they are safe. Use the “iPhone or Whatever option” to get PPTP that works with iPhone and Windows without any problems!

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