Sunday, 29 June 2008

Nokia S60v3 E90 VPN officially available from Nokia

It has been a long wait but now in silence Nokia Business solutions have released an updated VPN client for S60v3.1. So now in theory my E90 should be able to connect to my Cisco Pix

Nokia VPN New features:
Policy Maker application – a windows based software that helps you generate the policy file from your windows desktop. No longer a need for hand making a policy file and then “encrypt” and “sign” it. So a one-step policy file maker!

Nokia E90 optimized!

But the big problem is still that you need a VPN setup (like sip) for EACH of your Network connections. So on settings file for each 3G network. One settings file for each WiFi link. Why the Network settings are not just “online or offline” like iPhone or Windows Mobile – I still do not understand.

Nokia – please solve it so we have a “network connection center” and just can tick off which WWAN/WiFi access points that the VPN should use for tunneling!

But head over to download from

Unfortunately Cisco instructions are still not there – so if any of you are better VPN experts than me – then please ping me with PIX setup instructions.


Anonymous said...

We need PPTP VPN client for S603rd, as it can be used to connect any XP, Vista, W2003 and W2000 computer, not just the ones staying behind expensive Cisco routers.

Anonymous said...

Some good news around setting it up for Cisco. The site now has 4 guides for Cisco.