Friday, 21 March 2008

Dubai blocks access to

Someone in the UAE does not like It might be due to some of the "nice" articles written on Secret Dubai Diary and other sites. Anyway from DU networks it totally blocked – and not only DNS blocked. Through my VPN I got no problem seeing all the content and posting to this site. But without it…. Funny - since through Etisalat - the other big Monopoly Telecoms company here - still got access to

Why they block all of domains I don't really know. But it might be a "We want to make certain no offensive information reach the UAE – so better just block ALL"

Do they block access to The Economist too? The Economist published not the nicest articles about the UAE and Dubai.

The problem is just – the more you block – the more people want to know. When are they going to learn that.

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secretdubai said...

Yes - I agree - all it does is make people even more curious about what is behind the "blocked curtain" so to speak.

It's also bizarre that they are more worried about UAE people reading negative comments than people overseas. So much for being a global player.