Friday, 21 March 2008

Calling you from 41.000 feet

On my mobile that is!

Dubai based carrier Emirates Airline was first airline with In-flight voice mobile phone calling Thursday 20th of March 2008. A flight between Dubai and Casablanca the service was introduced.

The AeroMobile system supports using your own phone in the sky – so far for SMS and calls. But only 5-6 people can be on the line at the same time. In about 12 months time the system will support GPRS data as well.

The system automatically kicks into service when reaching cruising altitude. So far the system has been tested with SMS only in Australia for about 1.000 flights but Emirates was first with Voice on their Airbus A340-300.

The roaming charge is about $4 pr. speech minute, hopefully keeping talk to a minimum. But it gives me a nagging feeling that we now can't get rest when we travel, due to some people's lack of respect for each other. But SMS and Data would be nice.

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