Sunday, 1 July 2007

iPhone – what is the buzz about?

The world is a strange place. Apple launches a phone with specifications worse than any top range phone. They provide a nice design, but a mediocre phone. Touted as the first ever multimedia phone the adverts are well “less than true”

I have tested more than a fair share of phones – from Symbian (Nokia/Sony Ericsson) to every other Microsoft phone (HTC/I-mate and many others)

Right now my phone is the HCT S710. A Microsoft WM6 based phone, with browser, media player, WiFi, GSM Edge/GPRS and basically everything I need for business. It even got a real keyboard. I can stream files from my Microsoft Media Center to my phone in great quality. The WiFi is the best I ever seen – the phone can pickup and use wireless signals from every room in my flat where often my notebooks, other phones and gadgets can’t pickup any signals. (2nd best is actually my Sony US90s...)

But the real iPhone deal breaker for me is that it is NOT a business phone – its a consumer phone. No integration with Microsoft Exchange – only POP3 and maybe IMAP mail – not good enough in our day in age.

And what about forcing you to have iTunes on your pc? What a piece of crap software... just to run your phone? I wish Apple could make nice software and not only make up for it by making it “look nice”...

So the only iPhone i consider buying is the Cisco/Linksys one :-)

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Sebastian said...

The iPhone has many uses !!

Her! :-)