Friday, 5 December 2008

Stein Bagger update 3


Stain Bagger fraud US$205 million
Stein Baggers fraud in IT Factory increases to an estimated US$205 million. And more might pop up say the Lawyer who is handling the assets after IT Factory.

Stein Baggers home searched by police
The home of Stein Bagger and his wife was searched by police yesterday says Danish Newspaper Ekstra Bladet. Stein Baggers “friend” Allan Vestergaards home was searched as well. We will post a follow-up on the relationship between Allan Vestergaard and Stein Bagger later on. Allan seems to be the reason the scam fell through and is a central piece to the whole story.

Stein Bagger – call your lawyer
Per Justesen, the appointed defence lawyer asks Stein Bagger to call him. Since charges have been brought towards Stein Bagger, the defence lawyer would like Stein Bagger to contact him. But dear Stein Bagger – we know you are reading this – so why don’t you send your account of the details to us, and we will post your side of the story. (email address is listed on top of the page)

Stein Bagger in Panama?
According to Danish Newspapers Stein Bagger might be in Panama. Travel records suggest it. But now the arrest warrant is out, travel will be a lot harder. We guess Stein Bagger has backup travel papers, but maybe they are with a little different looking Stein Bagger. So maybe Stein Bagger is staying below the radar until he has grown some facial hair and if he can – some more “top” hair. J

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