Thursday, 29 May 2008

Short wait for OQO e3?

VIA has launched its new generation of processors – the VIA Nano. And that is great news for OQO fans – because the new VIA Nano Nano-chip-image-frontis pin compatible with the VIA C7 that OQO uses.

That should mean that OQO only needs to do a firmware update – and then be able to plug in the VIA Nano – and off we go with better performance.

VIA claims up to 4 times the performance on same thermal usage, so you should be able to get 4 times the performance. (Well let’s see about that…)

VIA says that especially in the multimedia area – the new processor will shine. So that might solve the bad DVD Rip playback on the current OQOs.

Here is the processor range in full:

Via Nano Processor Range

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