Thursday, 19 April 2007

The frustrations of hardware and gadgets

Sometimes you think (I do anyway) - the next gadget is going to be my do-it-all - and all the things in it is going to make me happy :-)And then you wake up.

This blog is dedicated to the mysterious hardware and software things that SHOULD work - but have errors and bugs that keep them from performing - so you will see tests in quite another way - and maybe get a different opinion on the devices you like or would like to have.

Routers with persistent bugs that make them fail - over and over again - firmware update after firmware update.

Printers that eat paper and ink

Phones that requires a ctrl-alt-del button despite NOT being from Microsoft

Features so badly implemented - that they should not have been there

Cameras with so bad quality that they perform worse than Kodak ISO 1600 paper from 1970

It might sometimes be technical - and sometimes not... and sometimes my writing might be both boring and wrong - :-) but I’ll correct it if needed :-)

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